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Conuntry : Iran
Language : Kurdish
Population : 432,330
Area : 1,538 m
Currency : Rail
Sanandaj, The Land of New Horizon

Sanandaj At the 2011 census, its population was 432,330. Sanandaj is the capital of Kurdish culture and Kordestan province at Iran. Sanandaj is the twenty-third largest city in Iran. Until the 17th century it was only a small village, when the governor of the region, Suleyman Khan Ardalan, built (or renovated) a fortress there, known as "Sena Dezh", which gave the town its Persian name.

Sanandaj has been known as a cultural capital for the whole Kurdistan region even beyond the Iranian borders. Kurdish music and dance are very strong elements of the Kurdish culture and have been maintained over many centuries within the society. Many Kurdish music celebrities like Ali Asghar Kurdistan, Nasser Razazi, Mazhar Khaleghi and the Kamkars are form Sanandaj. People in Sanandaj also enjoy their own variations of Kurdish dance with specific gestures which gives a unique flavour to this happy folkloric dance.

The world's largest outdoor cinema

Amiriyah Park Cinema at Abidar hillside with a screen size 12 × 25 meters is the world's largest outdoor cinema to prove, especially in the summer, thousands of people who goto Abidar can be watched movies and other apps in the Cinema.


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