Saturday, May 7, 2016


The land of seven climates

For long time IRAN has been known as the “land of seven climates”. It seems to be the best explanation for different climates existing in this plateau.
Due to this variety of climates, it makes it possible for different rare vegetation and plants & also wild animal life to live here. Green fields, thick forests, hot burning deserts, vast barren land are the climax of this country, not to forget the snow-covered mountain peaks which are found during all four seasons.
To give a better view, there are 25 different types of wild Plants, 46 natural reserves, more than 500 different species of birds, 200 different type of reptiles, 360 different type of mammals, 12000 different species of vegetation across the country, 12 different rare and 10s of thick forests???, 320 thermal Mineral hot springs, 16 ponds and lagoons, 50 lakes, as for the mountains, we have 16 peaks with altitudes over 4000 meters, 14 peaks with altitudes over 3000 meters.
 The Mountain climates can be found in the western and northwestern areas, hot and dry climate prevails in the central and southern regions.
Historical structures made in the heart of the nature, such as houses, Temples and Cathedrals carved in the rocks, its natural gravitation ranking fifth in the world. Climates ranges from wet subtropical to sub-polar.
To finalize this assumption, you should take a trip up to the northern boundaries of the Caspian Sea, you will enjoy a wet and humid climate which is totally different from the dry weather of main land Iran.
A wise man once said, one can experience Spring in Iran traveling throw different seasons in different parts of the country. When spring comes you will enjoy a nice weather in the Northern parts of the country. As the weather goes towards the summer period, you can travel to the western part in the Azerbaijan area, to continue; traveling southwards with in the Kurdistan and Lorestan boundaries at night you will not be able to sleep without covering up. As summer goes towards winter you can enjoy a mild spring weather in the South of Iran within Persian Gulf region and towards the South East. As the winter finishes you can come back towards the North again. That is how one can experiences Spring throughout the year in Iran.