Saturday, May 7, 2016

Health Department

Health Toursiam  Department Director
Mr. Vahid Amerian

He graduated from Shahrood University of Technology in mechanical engineering in master of degree with thesis titled “Cooling the brain to reduce the damage by using the inverse heat transfer method”. At the moment, he is studying biomechanical engineering in PhD of degree in the field of cancer treatment and Positron Emission Tomography system.
He worked several years in the oil and gas domain and having 10 years’ experience of teaching in the various institutes, He has been working as educational manager for 5 years. He also has extensive management experience in the field of health tourism and now He is working as the Chief Executive Officer in IGMFuture company. Having individual characteristics, such as prudence, emotional intelligence and strategic thinking, ability to organize and lead the people, he has been able to be a successful and qualified manager.


Healthcare Technical Officer& medical advisor
Mr. Arash Mohseni

He graduated in medicine in doctorate degree at University of Tehran with the thesis titled “Comparison of the effect of fluoxetine and gabapentin to reduce hot flashes”. He participated in two training and practical courses related to the outpatient beauty surgeries and skin care, He has also worked in these fields for 2 years. In addition, He attended in the addiction abandon and methadone therapy courses and gained the MMT certification. He has three invention projects associated with the Healthcare system improvement.


Technical Manager
Mr. Vahid Alavi

He graduated from K.N. University of Technology in biomedical Engineering-Bioelectric in master of degree. He has worked as sale manager in Persian Arsa company for 2 years. He has worked in medical equipment department of Emam Reza clinic in Semnan. He has hired in IGMFuture company as a technical manager in the last summer.


Head of Reserch & Develope
Ms. Samaneh Siayr

She graduated from AmirKabir university of Technology in Biomedical engineering- Bioelectric in master of degree with the thesis titled” Evaluation of the surgeon performance based on simulations in virtual reality”. She has hired in IGMFuture company as a head of research and develop department in the last summer.