Saturday, May 7, 2016

Marketing Department

Marketing Department
Marketing department in arieai tour and active members of in this field that in different sectors such as, Italian, English, Germany, American, Japanese, Spanish & eco tours and also adventure tour, health tour and …. etc. department.

Canada Department

MS. Leila Ebrahimi
Ancienne guide de montagne et depuis trois ans, organisatrice de voyage, Leila dirige actuellement notre département d’Amérique du Nord. En rôle de représentante au Canada, sa mission est de contribuer à réaliser les rêves du monde passionné de voyage qui désire mettre pied dans une destination époustouflante.  

Former mountain guide and travel organizer with three years of experience, Leila is currently leading our North America department. she is also our representative in Canada, her mission is to fulfill the dreams of travelers who wishes to walk into adventure and originality provided by our agency in Iran.

Email (Courriel): :
Tél: 418 802 3011

Japenese Department
Mr. BonakdarNia

Mahmoud an outstanding tourism expert with more than 20 years of experience in this business, is known as one of the most successful professional in this industry. He has been working in different tourism industry related fields, including inbound, outbound tours and directing the following companies:
The Head of the Exhibition for the Japanese group in Iran, Organization of the IDAKI SHIN in Perspolice, Organization of the   IDAKI SHIN in Sadabad Palacer, Organization of the  IDAKI SHIN in Tehran Vahdat Auditorium, Organization of the   IDAKI SHIN in Russia - Bulgaria - Romania- Azerbaijan - Armenia- Georgia - Lebanon- China - India, Member & consultant of the Iranian Tour Operators Association,  The Executive of the Trade tours, Cultural & Rally, TV, The Inspector of the Export Confederation of Iran.


Italian Department

Mr. Jafar Mirjafari,

He has more than 12 years of experience as a tour guide fluent in Italian. His experience lead him to become the marketing manager of Italian department of Ariaei Tours agency.




French Department

Ms. Dr. Bahare Kiani Azar,
with more than 10 years of job experience in different projects, the fascinating elegance of Iran attracted me so much that I started traveling around 7 years ago. mountains, rivers, deserts, monuments, and architecture of this incredible country made me eager to introduce its beauty to the world. I started working as an official English& French tour guide one year ago to share my happiness and experiences with my friends from all over the world. My education background is as follows:
•  Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Entrepreneurship and Business Management
•  Master degree in Executive MBA- Marketing
•  Master degree in French language translation
•  Bachelor’s degree in in French language translation
I have also fluency in English and French languages and basic knowledge of German. As a member of tourism family, I do all my best to provide a golden experience for tourists of invaluable Iran


Kurdish Department

Mr. Ramin Nouri,

He started his work in tourism as English and Kurdish tour leader, with 15 years of experience he is now the inbound director and the manager of Kurdish marketing department. started his work in tourism as English and Kurdish tour leader, with 15 years of experience he is now the inbound director and the manager of Kurdish marketing department



Outdoor & Nature based  Department

Ms. Samira AyenehZadeh,

Beside her experience in tourism education, she has 5 years experience of nature based tour leading and operating.





English Department

Ms. Farzaneh Moradi,

With almost 6 years of experience in tourism industry, Farzaneh is the marketing manager of our English department.





MS. Mahsa A. Bayaneh


To best understand the culture and custom of a country one should learn its literature. Being raised in a family deeply interested in literature, and her personal tendency to learn about other people’s culture, she chose English Literature as her main major. While getting her B.A., and later her M.A., she started free-lance translation and teaching English in different language centers. She started her career in tourism industry by passing a Tour Leading course and becoming a tour leader and then continued to gain experience in the organizing and operating section of the industry. With five years of experience, she is now our communications manager and in charge of all official correspondence.