Saturday, May 7, 2016

Outdoor Department

Outdoor Department \"\"
Ms. Samira Ayeneh zade

Samira works as manager of ecotourism tour and also she is a tourism export and tour guide of ecotourism, she had different experience in traveling all over the Iran. And she doing tour eco management, bird watcher, rafting, cycling……, and other activities that she has.


\"\"Adventure Department
Ms. Samira Zarei

Samira graduated in bachelor degree in nursing, she has expertise in mountain rescue, she is a coach in caving, rock climbing, around 10 years in different caves of Iran and worlds and explore in new district, she is also first Iranian woman that doing scuba diving. Many halls in Iranian cave and also in the world, established in her name.




Safari & ِDesert Department\"\"
Mr. Reza Shahriari,

Born on September 30th, 1955, I began nature based and adventure tourism around 1976 and got my certification in mountain climbing and ice climbing. From 1991, I got attracted to desert tourism and drove through and camped in most of Iran’s deserts like The Central Desert, which is the combination of many smaller deserts and also Lut Desert, including East Lut, West Lut and North Lut. I have passed many routes in Iran’s deserts such as:
•    Rig-e Jen
•    Jandagh to Maranjab
•    Semnan to Anarak – in Isfahan Province
•    Koor-e Gaz to Trood
•    Koor-e Gaz to Halvan
•    Maranjab
•    Reza Abad to Chale Mazinan
And also some routes connecting East Lut to West Lut (2012), and South Lut to North Lut (2014-2015). I am currently a member of a nature based NGO, titled Iran’s Offroaders and tour guide specialized in safari and desert tourism.