Saturday, May 7, 2016

Borujerdies House

Borujerdies House

The beauty of the architecture of the central areas of Iran is evident in a series of houses known as historical houses of Iran that many of them are located in Kashan. The philosophy behind this form of architecture is dominance over the harsh nature; the architects of these houses have used all their ingenious to use nature to their benefit and overcome the limitations of it such as lack of sufficient water. 

It took the best architects of Kashan 18 years to finish the house and its stucco works and paintings, readying it for Seyed Hassan Natanzi, the famous tradesman of Kashan. The wind catchers of the building circulate cold weather through the building acting as a ventilation machine. The water reservoir helped with the scarcity of water during the warmer seasons of the year. The introverted style of the house enabled ladies to be more comfortable in the private areas of the house that was closed to the guests and strangers. The murals were made by two of the greatest artist of Iran, Kamal-ol Molk and his uncle.

Unlike the common belief that this house belonged to a family from Borujerd, this house belonged to a tradesman of Kashan, but since his main trade was with people from Borujerd, the house came to be known as the house of Borujerdies or the house of people of Borujerd.    

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