Saturday, May 7, 2016

Kaboud Mosque

The Blue Mosque / Kaboud Mosque

Jahanshah mosque, or the blue mosque was made by the order of Jahanshah, a ruler of Turkman clan and is a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. The beauty of tile works and mosaic, as well as the combination of colors, made this mosque to be known as the turquoise of Islam.  Unfortunately, the destructive earthquake of 18th century, deeply affected the building, tarnishing its beauty. There are records of other construct such as monastery, library and school around the mosque that no trace of them can be found today. The school of Jahanshah that is attached to the mosque was built in 1958 and functions as Azerbaijan Museum. The mosque was restored 80 years ago where most of surviving tile works were secured on their place. One of the highlights of museum is the ceiling with gold and azure decorations. In the smaller praying hall there is a cellar with two empty graves which is said to belong to Jahanshah and his wife.

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