Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shah’s Mosque

Shah’s Mosque / Imam’s Mosque / Royal Mosque

Made during Shah Abbas reign and part of Naghsh-e Jahan square, the Royal mosque is an example of perfect Safavid architecture. Just the portal entrance of this magnificent mosque took 4 years to complete. Each part of the mosque is a masterpiece by itself and the unity of all of them leads to the creation of a construct that leaves deep, everlasting influence on the visitors.  The portal of the mosque was made to counter the beauty of Qeysarieh Portal of the great bazar, the foundation stones are white marbles of Ardestan and decorated by turquois mosaics. the portal faces the square but the mosque faces the mecca and therefore an angled corridor is needed to connect the portal to the court yard. The iwans lead to sanctuaries that are covered with fine floral motifs on blue background. The south iwan, as the iwan of the main sanctuary, has the most decoration and the most beautiful dome of the mosque with golden rose patterns. 


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