Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Great Bazar

Bazar-e Bozorg / the Great Bazar

One of many traditional Bazars of Iran, other examples are found in cities like Tehran, Shiraz and Tabriz. The main portal entrance of this bazar is located in Naghsh-e Jahan square, also known as Qeysarieh Entrance. The entrance was built in Safavid era and in three stories, the third story was the Naghareh Khane, a place where timpani was played to announce time; this level was destroyed and the current building has two stories. The entrance portal consisted of, four side doors, one main gate and one pool. The beautiful tile work and paintings of the entrance were done by Reza Abbasi depicting Shah Abbas’s battle with Uzbeks. The bazar connected Naghsh-e Jahan to the congregational mosque or Atiq mosque. The arched passageways are topped by series of domes and aperture in the middle of them so that the light can pass.  Although some parts of the bazar are up to 1000 years old, but the major parts were made by Shah Abbas.

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