Museum of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Museum is one of the National Museum of Iran. The museum is located in the city of Tabriz and near the Blue Mosque. Azerbaijan has monuments and works of art from the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods. Today, the Azerbaijani Museum has an important and valuable collection including twelve thousand pieces of antique arts, in which only 2,300 pieces of them were archived due to lack of space and a limited number of these works are exhibited in different parts of the museum for lovers of history, culture, and art.

On the Azerbaijan museum, there are monuments and historical objects related to the pre-historic and pre-Islamic era, The statue of the goddess, which has been in Rostamabad Gilan. The newest part of the Azerbaijan Museum is the section of the old rock-reliefs belonging to different historical periods. The stone is different from the Islamic period; here rams and stone sculptures, human figures, and examples of rock scripts are seen.