Country Iran
Spoken languages Frasi- Arabic
Population 40678
Area 5.400 km2


Qeshm is located in the east of Qeshm island with the height of 6 m above the sea level limited to Bandar Abbas, the central part of Khamir and some parts of Lenge port from the north, Hormoz island from the northeast, the Lark island from the east and the Hengam island from the south and Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa from the southwest.

Qeshm is located in the warm and arid lands with high relative humidity. Qeshm is the second biggest island of the Persian Gulf after Bahrain and the biggest independent island in the world with an appropriate strategic location. Qeshm's significant strategic location as the main center of the commercial-industrial development in the free zone is related to the prosperous market, importing the imported goods from the neighbor countries of the Persian Gulf, dedicated and special ports for services to merchants, fishermen's ships and tourism services.

Qeshm Island has the most coasts in comparison with the other Persian Gulf islands. Rockey, sand and mud shores and mangrove forests present the Qeshm coastal diversity including the turtles, dolphins and other species of the animal’s habitat. There is the only crocodile breeding farm in this beautiful island.

People of Qeshm speak in Farsi with the original Bandari dialect. The local language of Qeshm is a combination of Arabic, Farsi, Bandari, Hindi, and English. The residents of Qeshm are Muslims and most are the followers of Sunni (Shafei) religion.

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