Country Iran
Spoken languages Frasi
Population 402748
Area 64.132 km2


Qazvin, one of the big cities in Iran, is located 130 km west of Tehran in the height of 1278 meters above the sea level. Qazvin surrounded by Alborz Mountain with beautiful natural landscapes in the north and partly even plain in the south and east. The climate of this city is cool in summer and cold in winter. 

Sardar cistern in Qazvin is the biggest single dome cistern in the world. Hundreds of ancient mounds have been identified in Qazvin and it enjoys many tourist features due to the historical monuments and natural attractions. Qazvin enjoys a good geographical situation due to being one of the big trade centers and industry and economic pole of Iran in terms of locating in the middle of the North and western provinces of Iran, vicinity to Tehran, having several industrial complex and rich mines as well as the important scientific centers. In addition to industry, the people of Qazvin are active in agriculture, big unites of poultry and handicraft production. People of Qazvin speak in Farsi with a specific Qazvini dialect, although Gilaki and even Turki dialect has been heard among the people. The religion of Qazvin people is Shia.

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Alamut FortChehel SotounSa’d Al Saltaneh CaravanseraiQazvin Ali – Ghapu

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