Anahita Temple

The Anahita temple is known as a place of respect and worship dedicated to the water Goddess, Anahita, which is situated in Kangavar, Kermanshah province. in ancient Persian, Anahita is one of the Iranian goddesses, the Guardian angel of springs and rain that is famous for being the Water goddess. The goddess Anahita is equivalent of Ishtar in Semites and Artemis in Greek mythology.

What is witnessed in Anahita temple is the result of cultural exchange between Iranian and Greek made in a span of time between Achaemenian and Parthian. Anahita temple, like all other constructs of this Era, was built on a platform. the structure includes a row of thick columns with the exception of the northern side and the two passages of southern stairs. This structure was designed in the shape of foursquare in an area of about 224x209 m on a hill that is 32 meters in height. The material used in its construction were stone that has been beautifully carved in some sections like the columns. It seems the columns were considered as the fence and decorative protectors of the place. Each column consists of capital, a plinth, and the body of the column and is about 354 centimeters in height with a diameter of about 144 centimes. The entrance of this structure is located on the South and North-East sides. The one on the Sothern side has a two-sided stair 154 meter in length and the one on the North East side of the place has a one-sided stair.