Reza Abbasi Museum

This museum’s making began in 1977 but finished in 1999 after successive opening, closing down and reopening. Finally in 1999 it was permanently opened and continued its work until today. The objects displayed in this museum have a historical range of prehistoric time to the 19th century. The museum was built to show the evolution of art in different periods of time and was named after the great Persian Miniaturist, Reza Abbasi. The museum has two sections, the pre-Islamic art and Islamic art with total of five halls. The Islamic section itself is divided to 4 halls: Islamic Hall 1, Islamic Hall 2, Miniature Hall and Calligraphy Hall. The objects are arranged based on the period they belonged to and therefore, it is very easy to see the transformation of art and compare different period together. The contrast of art from pre-Islamic to Islamic era is also notable that is a proof of Islam’s influence on the minds of the creators of such arts.