Saturday, May 7, 2016

Niavaran Cultural

Niavaran Cultural/Historic Complex

This beautiful complex was made in Qajar’s time by Fath-Ali Shah and later it was chosen as the residence of the royal family by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi the second king of Pahlavi. The moderate and pleasant weather of northern suburbs of Tehran was an ideal place during the hot summers and therefore Fath-Ali Shah ordered his team of architects to make a palace for him. After Fath-Ali Shah, other kings of Qajar also enjoyed the nice whether of Niavaran and each added a building to the already made palace. The most famous of these palaces is the Sahib-Qiran palace made by the order of Nasser al-Din Shah. The name of this palace is taken from Shah’s famous title which means the king of two centuries. (by century they meant 30 years) this palace consisted of the royal resting area and harem which has 40-50 separate buildings each with 4 rooms for Shah’s wife and children. After Nasser al-Din, the Harem became smaller specially in the time of Ahmad Shah that added the last building of Qajar era to the complex which is known as Ahmad Shah’s Pavilion. During Pahlavi’s time a modern palace was added that, as it was mentioned, became the residence of the royal family.      


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